Wurlitzer EP-201

Wurlitzer EP-201 Made in Germany Repair Photos

The Wurlitzer EP-201 is an electric piano that was made in Germany in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Despite its age, this keyboard still has a loyal following among musicians and is often used for live performances and recordings. However, like any piece of vintage equipment, the EP-201 requires occasional maintenance and repairs to keep it in top condition.

Recently, we had the opportunity to repair a Wurlitzer EP-201 for a customer who had purchased the keyboard second-hand. While the instrument was in decent condition overall, it had a few issues that needed to be addressed before it could be used for recording.

One of the primary issues with the EP-201 was the presence of audible unwanted noise, distortion, and hum in both the speakers and line output.

To address this issue, we added a shielding plate to the EP-201, resulting in a significant reduction in hum. However, we later discovered that the positioning of the shielding plate had affected the functionality of a few reeds. This was because the reed tips were hitting the shielding plate while vibrating, causing interference. As a result, these reeds had to be readjusted to prevent this issue.

Using specialized tools, we carefully moved the reeds into their correct positions. Afterward, we had to retune the affected reeds by either adding tiny tin balls to flatten the tone or filing them to sharpen it. This process was meticulous and time-consuming, as it required precision and attention to detail. Finally we were able to successfully finish the repair of the EP-201.

Overall, the addition of the shielding plate and the adjustment of the reeds, along with fixing some other minor issues, allowed us to restore the EP-201 to good working condition.

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